WordPress Blog | Create and Manage a WordPress Blog

Wordpress Blog | Create and Manage a WordPress Blog

Find a niche, start a blog, install wordpress, manage keywords, create content & get traffic. All-in-one course – WordPress Blog

What you’ll learn
  • Get Started with WordPress
  • Build a Successful Blog
  • Learn WordPress SEO
  • Rank Your WordPress High on Google
  • Chose the Right Keyword
  • Learn Different Types of Keyword Searches
WordPress Blog
  • WordPress Account
  • Google Account
  • No Previous Experience
  • Hunger to Learn

WordPress Blog | Create and Manage a WordPress Blog

++ Seems like everyone is using WordPress

Nearly 20% of all websites on the internet are powered by WordPress, and it’s all you hear about in blogging circles.

  • Why are so many bloggers obsessed with WordPress?
  • Do you have a blog or thinking to start a blog?
  • Why should you use WordPress?

Well, if you’re serious about blogging, self-hosted WordPress is the best choice for your blog. Why?

  • WordPress is free
  • WordPress is easy to customize
  • WordPress is SEO friendly

++ Do you want to start a WordPress blog the right way?

We know that starting a blog can be a terrifying thought specially when you are not geeky. That’s why, we’ve created this course to help you start your blog on WordPress, with right keyword research and SEO friendly.

So, shall we get started? I wish you a happy learning!

Who this course is for:
  • Freelancers, influencers, startups, solopreneurs, musicians, entrepreneurs etc.