The Rob McLeay Drawing Show – The Character Design Course

The Rob McLeay Drawing Show - The Character Design Course

We love to draw!


What you’ll learn

  • Boost your visual development skills
  • Learn the craft of character design

  • The ability to drawing from memory!

  • Become a quicker drawer!
  • Pencil and paper
  • 30 minutes of drawing every day…..forever.

Hello and welcome! Do you love to draw characters but feel frustrated at your progress?

In this course I will show you:

  • One really easy technique  called the Isometric Arrow that will help you to draw a perfect 3D box every single time!
  • How to turn a flat rectangle into a 3D tube (this will boost your arm and leg drawing skills!)
  • One easy method that can help you to draw your character in multiple directions without reference!!
  • How using shapes can 3x speed your drawing skills
  • A warm up method to boost your hand eye co ordination immediately!
  • That sometimes thinking too much can hinder the creativity process
  • How to quickly and confidently create 20 characters in 5 minutes!
  • What a silhouette is and how it can drastically improve your drawings!
  • How guide lines can help with the direction of your character!
  • One neat trick on how to draw a solid looking mouth!
  • and plenty more!
Who this course is for:
  • Please join my tribe if you have just started your journey on learning the craft of character design!