Storage Container System (Advanced Organization Vol 1)

Storage Container System (Advanced Organization Vol 1)

A modular, mobile, nesting container-within-container system for organizing your home and office.

What you’ll learn
  • Get a complete system for organizing all your physical stuff (and paper documents)
  • Never lose an item again
  • Create a “library” for your physical property
  • Get out of the overwhelm of not knowing where you things are
  • Mastering Organization (also by Timothy Kenny) is useful but not required
  • There are many container supplies listed in the course you will need to buy to use the system

This course is really a list of things to buy with a course attached to it.

Years ago I published my original courses on mastering organization, but I didn’t give any recommendations for what types of containers to use or how they should all fit together.

After years of experimentation and iterating, I’ve settled on a list (actually a Google Sheet you will get inside the course) of the best things to buy to implement my organizing model.

This includes experimenting with my own setups as well as having several coaching clients implement the systems and materials in their own lives to organize their stuff (physical objects) and their paper documents.

It can even be used if you don’t use my organizational system, although it won’t be as effective.

Please note, this course is not about organizing your computer or digital files. It’s for your physical stuff only.

See you inside the course,


Who this course is for:
  • Professionals who want to better organize their office
  • Home makers who want to organize their homes better
  • Students who want to better organize their stuff
  • Business owners who want to better organize all their things