SEO VICTORY: Step By Step to 10k Free SEO Visitors Per Month

SEO VICTORY: Step By Step to 10k Free SEO Visitors Per Month

MASTER SEO: SEO Strategy, SEO Factors, SEO Keywords, Mobile SEO, UX SEO, WordPress SEO, Image SEO, Backlinks SEO, YT SEO

What you’ll learn
  • Monthly DRIVE 10k to 100k free SEO visits to your website in 3 to 12 months.
  • Step by step MASTER 200 SEO factors in “How to – learning by doing” approach.
  • Get higher rankings & more traffic.
  • Follow a logical step by step SEO Guide.
  • MASTER Video SEO & YouTube SEO.
  • MASTER Mobile SEO & UX Signals.
  • Use the power of Google RankBrain.
  • Increase C-T-R. Use Featured Snippets.
  • Become #1 SEO Expert – work as SEO freelancer or land highly paid job.
  • SUPERCHARGE traditional SEO with Social Media Optimisation strategies.
  • MASTER WordPress SEO Yoast & Google Search Console configuration.
  • Get high authoritative backlinks from NEWS, EDU, WIKIPEDIA, etc.
  • Create responsive website on WordPress without any coding.
  • MASTER dozens of powerful SEO strategies to get real results.
  • Proceed on-page, content & image SEO. Implement Rich Snippets, etc.
  • MASTER Google My Business (Google Maps) Local SEO & Ads.
  • Optimise Facebook for SEO & SMO.
  • Optimise YouTube for SEO & SMO.
  • Optimise LinkedIn for SEO & SMO.
  • Optimise Pinterest for SEO & SMO.
  • Use SEO tools for SEO.
  • MASTER SEO keywords research & UX.
  • Follow new Google Biggie algorithm.
  • Follow new Google Quality guidelines.
  • Get ready to MASTER SEO & reach results.
  • A will to put honest effort & dilligence into SEO & SMO in long-term period.
  • If you do not have a website, create a mobile friendly website on WordPress without any coding.

#1 SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Course that will help you to MASTER white hat SEO, video SEO (YouTube SEO), image SEO, mobile SEO, voice SEO, e-commerce SEO, local SEO & Social Media Optimisation: Google, Yahoo!, Bing, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google featured snippets, Google maps, etc. Get higher rankings & more traffic with a step by step SEO guide.

Most other courses just tell you to “write great content” or to “set up title”. During this course you will get actionable SEO advices that get results. You will MASTER practical SEO strategies to grow your online business. You will also become proficient in website creation & WordPress SEO, including WordPress security. You will use white hat SEO strategies that actually work.

Supercharge your own business, get free SEO traffic, make money as SEO expert, work from anywhere as a freelance SEO consultant or land a highly-paid job in SEO industry. With 32 hours of training, strategies, explanations, advices, summaries & step by step guide you can follow – this is my most comprehensive SEO course available.

This course is yours  SEO guide proven to rocket-fuel your SEO results. You will know how to supercharge your SEO performance. You will get access to step by step SEO system for generating first page Google rankings… which means more traffic (and revenue) for you.

“Without a system, you have to put the pieces together from random blog posts and YouTube videos. And if your approach to learning SEO is “reading blog posts”, let me wish you good luck (because you’re going to need it). But when you have a system, just follow the steps… and you’re SET. Following a step-by-step SEO system was one of the best things I ever did for my business.”

Brian Dean, according to Success Magazine the world’s foremost expert on Search engine optimisation

Want more traffic from Google & YouTube? Then you’re in the right place. Using easy to understand video presentations I’ll lay out specific SEO strategies & screen recordings (watch me over the shoulder)you can use as instant step by step SEO blueprint to success:

  1. SEO Fundamentals
  2. SEO Strategy
  3. SEO & Social Media optimisation strategy
  4. SEO RankBrain
  5. SEO C-T-R
  6. SEO Featured snippets
  7. SEO Snipe baits
  8. SEO Key factors
  9. SEO Tools
  10. SEO Analytics
  11. White Hat SEO
  12. SEO Case studies
  13. Mobile SEO
  14. SEO Voice search
  15. Google new SEO Biggie algorithm
  16. Google new SEO Quality rater guidelines
  17. SEO E-A-T Strategy
  18. SEO Visual content
  19. SEO Comments
  20. SEO Prune zombie pages strategy
  21. SEO Keywords research
  22. SEO LSI Keywords
  23. SEO Keywords organisation
  24. SEO Content organisation & optimisation
  25. SEO Evergreen content strategy
  26. SEO Copywriting
  27. SEO Reddit threads copywriting strategy
  28. SEO Slippery slide copywriting strategy
  29. SEO The “AIDA” copywriting formula
  30. SEO The “FOMO” copywriting strategy
  31. SEO Landing pages copywriting strategy
  32. SEO UX optimisation
  33. SEO Website architecture
  34. SEO WordPress Yoast configuration & optimisation
  35. SEO Google search console
  36. SEO Google analytics
  37. SEO Website speed optimisation
  38. SEO On-page
  39. SEO Images
  40. SEO WordPress security
  41. SEO Rich Snippets
  42. SEO Wikipedia link building
  43. SEO YouTube link building
  44. SEO Facebook link building
  45. SEO LinkedIn link building
  46. SEO Pinterest link building
  47. SEO 300 bloggers outreach link building
  48. SEO Link building strategy
  49. YouTube SEO
  50. Video SEO
  51. SEO Video featured snippets
  52. SEO Video keywords research
  53. SEO Video optimisation
  54. SEO YouTube channel authority
  55. SEO Video promotion strategies
  56. SEO YouTube session time
  57. SEO YouTube watch time
  58. SEO YouTube audience retention
  59. SEO YouTube engagement
  60. SEO YouTube C-T-R
  61. SEO Ranking videos in Google
  62. SEO Podcasts
  63. SEO Audit
  64. SEO Ecommerce architecture
  65. SEO Canonical tags
  66. Technical SEO
  67. SEO for Local business
  68. SEO Google my business (Google maps)
  69. SEO Explanations throughout my whole course
  70. SEO & SMO Facebook Search
  71. SEO & SMO Instagram Search
  72. SEO & SMO (Social media optimisation) MASTERY throughout my whole course
  73. SEO & SMO – Facebook business page set up & optimisation
  74. SEO & SMO – Video marketing on Facebook & Instagram
  75. SEO & SMO – Content MASTERY on Social media
  76. SEO & SMO – Customer journey on Social media

Do you want to get 10k – 100k free SEO traffic every month? Do you need help understanding SEO strategies? Wish you knew how to benefit from all the potential SEO offers, but don’t know where to begin?

This SEO step by step guide can greatly help you. When you enrol, you’ll learn the tested, proven, and modern way to MASTER your SEO. You can use modern SEO strategies that actually work.

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Who this course is for:
  • Everyone interested in MASTERING SEO, Marketers, Local businesses, B2B, B2C, Webmasters, Bloggers, Developers, Content creators, Start-ups, Social media specialists, Job seekers, etc.