RealTheory: the Essentials you Need to Know about Music

RealTheory: the Essentials you Need to Know about Music

Quickly learn the essentials of music theory, without the unnecessary stuff!

What you’ll learn

  • The seven elements of music
  • How the seven elements work together

  • concepts that WILL improve your ability to read, write, and perform

  • How to critically evaluate different song structures
  • Song-writing and team-building techniques of professional musicians
  • A focused, open mind that is ready to learn!
  • Dedicated time to learn – this is a high quality course that is jam-packed with useful information!
  • Access to a printer for course materials (optional)
  • An instrument (including your voice) to practice concepts with

“Andrew is a very good teacher. His love of comes through and his gentle approach is encouraging. Great voice too!”  – Pat

“Andrew is very thorough in his teaching…I would definitely recommend Andrew to a friend. I like his approach and teaching technique. He is extremely positive…” – Stacy

After completing How to Not Suck , you will have a deep understanding of helpful theory, without the fluffy nerd stuff

Andrew Smith’s core belief is that everyone can play . Now, his premium theory course is available on Udemy! It is designed for both complete beginners and somewhat-established musicians who want a deeper understanding of music. You can be playing and understanding in no time! Andrew simplifies complicated topics with straight-forward, structured, and energetic teaching – so get ready to make like a seasoned musician! 

Are you ready?

Who this course is for:
  • Beginner to beginner-intermediate (of any instrument)
  • Anyone interested in using theory to improve their abilities