Make .io Hyper Casual Game with NO Coding in PlayMaker Unity

Make .io Hyper Casual Game with NO Coding in PlayMaker Unity

Learn how to create an .io mobile casual game without writing any codes with Unity & Visual Scripting tool PlayMaker !

What you’ll learn

  • Making an .io mobile game in Unity & PlayMaker without coding experience
  • Adding functional AI to the without complex workflow
  • PC or Mac with Unity3D installed
  • PlayMaker is required (available in Unity Asset Store)

In this course, We will prototype an .io style game without writing a single line of codes with Unity & playMaker. If you think making a mobile is tough, then you are wrong. After taking our course you will be able to make one of the hottest gameplay in both the Apple App store and Google Play store, paper .io and hole .io!

What You Will Learn From The Course

  1. Importing Magicavoxel Models into Unity
  2. Animating our Player Characters
  3. Importing Animations into Unity
  4. Making Player Movement
  5. Coin Pickup System
  6. Leveling up System for Player
  7. Advanced Coin Pickup
  8. Setting up AI
  9. Adding Additional AI
  10. Scores
  11. Bonus
Who this course is for:
  • Anyone interested in developing a casual on for mobile phone