Learn Node.Js and Express fast and easy

Learn Node.Js and Express fast and easy

Understand the most important topics in only few hours

What you’ll learn
  • Nodejs and Express from scratch
  • How to handle html forms input using Nodejs
  • How to pass information from the server to the browser using Express
  • How to configure a web server using NodeJs
  • How to configure an static website using Nodejs and Express
  • How to create a dynamic web app that responses to user input (html forms)
  • How to organize the files and folders of a web app
  • How to publish a NodeJs web application
  • Understanding of HTML, CSS and javascript
  • Understanding of how websites work

If you are a beginner Nodejs  developer who wants to understand this interesting technology in a few hours then this tutorial is for you. Since the way how NodeJs works differs from the traditional methods of development, understanding Nodejs requires some time.

This videotutorial covers key aspects like :

  • creating an static web server
  • how to publish a web application
  • how to handle routes and routers
  • how to handle form input
  • how to embbed javascript code into HTML markup
  • how to handle errors and more…

After completing this course you will have understood what NodeJs is about.

Who this course is for:
  • Beginner Nodejs developers
  • Beginner MERN stack developers