Increase Income Lower Taxes Using Rent-a-Room Income

Increase Income Lower Taxes Using Rent-a-Room Income

Hospitality Marketing for Schedule E

What you’ll learn
  • Tax Write-offs and Tax Deductions for Schedule E Rental Income
  • Tax Deductions When You Own the Property vs. NOT Owning the Property
  • How and Where to Market Your Rentals for Low Vacancy
  • How to Increase Your Monthly Rental Income for Expats, Couples and Single Individuals
  • Must have access to the Internet

Learn how to lower your taxes and increase your monthly income using room rentals, entire vacation homes or any nightly accommodations including tree houses and RVs.

Learn tax deductions for Schedule E rental income, and how depreciation works to lower your taxes.  Learn how non-property owners can legally, qualify for rental income tax deductions and tax writ-offs.

Learn where and how to market your rental property for a low to zero-vacancy factor.

Who this course is for:
  • Rental property owners concerned with Schedule E
  • People interested in renting a room, in-law unit, vacation homes, RVs, tree houses, sail boats, etc.
  • Expats wanting to increase their monthly income