Humor Series Vol 2: Develop a Playful Attitude

Humor Series Vol 2: Develop a Playful Attitude

Learn how to develop a playful attitude by recognizing, playing and initiating humor games.

What you’ll learn
  • Recognize and play humor games
  • Initiate new playful humor games in almost any situation
  • Take Volume one of the Humor Series before taking this course (Highly suggested)

This course teaches you the higher level aspect of humor: games.

The original system, which is in volume one works.

But it only shows you how to come up with individual ideas for humor.

It’s missing a larger organizing principle.

It’s like chemistry without biology.

Or physics without chemistry.

Games are what explain the larger patterns of humor. 

What do I mean by that?

It’s about when a group of people all pitch in their funny perspectives on what is happening.

When you are with someone and you both are trading jokes back and forth on the same subject, building on what the other person just said.

There is organization and structure to how this happens.

That is what this course is all about.

You’ll learn the process of recognizing the games that are going on around you.

Then, you’ll learn how to play those games.

Then, you’ll learn how to initiate new games of your own. 

Playfulness is not just a matter of your emotional state.

It’s not just a matter of feelings.

Of getting in the right headspace or “stop thinking.”

There is a lot of structure to it.

You’ll learn how it all works in this course.

See you on the inside,


Who this course is for:
  • Entrepreneurs who want to improve their sense of humor
  • Professionals who want to learn how to better set a playful mood
  • Students who want to be able to better unwind after a day or week of serious study