HTML 5 boot camp 2019

HTML 5 boot camp 2019

Learn html 5 basics and practice to get advanced

What you’ll learn
  • html basics (how to make a paragraph – title -insert an image – make a link – list – table ……….)
  • learn html 5 tags like (audio – video)
  • how to make a login, signup forms or any kind of forms
  • learn inline CSS
  • some other tricks in html
  • any up to date browser
  • any text editor( visual studio code is preferred)

Html 5 course which explain html from scratch and everything in html.

-The course starts with a small introduction about html and html syntax.

– Then the main and the essential tags in html like (heading – paragraph – image – link ………)

– All attributes used with html tags to make it looks great.

– and finally an extra section which contain some new tags and attributes used with certain html tags.

so it contain everything you need to learn in html and things will be helpful for you in your job or study .

check the curriculum then make your decision .

Best of luck.

Who this course is for:
  • beginners who wanna learn html from basics
  • people wanna start a career as a web designer
  • people wanna start a career as a web developer
  • people already know some html and wanna get more advanced