Ethical Hacking using Kali Linux from A to Z Course

Ethical Hacking using Kali Linux from A to Z Course

Learn Ethical Hacking using Kali from Scratch

Kali Linux

What you’ll learn

  • Setting Up their labs
  • Getting comfortable with Kali Linux

  • Managing Kali Linux Services

  • Essential Tools
  • Passive Information Gathering
  • Active Information Gathering
  • Password Attacks
  • Web Application Attacks
  • Network Attacks
  • Social Engineering
  • Working with exploit
  • Remote Attacks
  • Basic Computer Knowledge
Kali Linux

The course designed for anyone who want to learn Ethical Hacking from scratch using Linux and moving to the world of professional penetration testing.

The course introduces students to the latest ethical hacking tools and techniques, including a teasing lab for practicing different attacks. Students will simulates a full penetration test from A to Z.

Ethical Hacking using Kali from A to Z is a realistic security course, . This advanced penetration testing course requires practice, testing, and the ability to want to learn in a manner that will grow your career in the information security field.

Enrolled students will receive every month a virtual machine or remote lab access or a link to a local web application as a challenge and will be requested to try to hack it, this will keep them involve in Ethical Hacking until they reach a stage where they can do that in a real environment.

Who this course is for:
  • Ethical Hackers
  • IT Administrators
  • Network Administrators
  • Computer Scientists