Beginning Screenwriting made EASY.

Beginning Screenwriting made EASY.

Practical advice to help you start working on that script NOW.

What you’ll learn
  • The biggest mistake new screenwriters make.
  • How to maximize your chances of success in Hollywood. (This is HUGE!)
  • What you should know about your story idea
  • Ways of generating story ideas
  • How to make those ideas resonate with the audience
  • How to build characters
  • Basic screenplay structure
  • Screenplay format
  • How to get feedback on your finished screenplay
  • How to think like a screenwriter
  • And more!
  • You need to believe that dreams can come true. Because they can:)

It’s easier than you think.

Learn a step-by-step approach to writing your script. We’ll go over all the basics that you need for planning your story including the idea, structure and characters, writing it (screenplay format), and what to do after the first draft has been written.

This course is PRACTICAL, time-saving and easy to understand.

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Who this course is for:
  • Absolute beginners. Or anyone who has studied the craft, but still isn’t writing.