7 Reasons Your IT or Other Projects May Fail

7 Reasons Your IT or Other Projects May Fail

How to spot the signs of potential project failures

What you’ll learn
  • How to spot the early signs of potential project failures
  • How to take remedial action when project failure points become apparent
  • No specific requirements or prerequistes are needed for this class

Project Management is not a role to be taken lightly.

It requires a great deal of planning and control to keep any project on plan, on target and on budget. But no matter how much you do that, there is always a chance that things will turn out differently.

Projects do have a tendency to go wrong somewhere, even if you think it may not…

In this class I am outlining 7 areas of where a project could turn into a failure if the signs of potential failure are ignored or overlooked.

But not only am I sharing with you the 7 potential issues that could turn your project upside down, but I am also sharing with you tips for remedial action you can take to avoid the worst.

Join me on this exciting class today.

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone interested in Project Management